UWC Badge Hoodie



Badge Hoodie – Street Cred & Cozy Threads πŸŒ†

πŸ”₯ Where Urban Legends & Lounge Legends Unite! πŸ”₯

Step up and stand out with the Badge Hoodie, a sizzling fusion of street swagger and snuggle-worthy comfort. Immerse in the 260g brushed fleece, where the rich embrace of cotton meets the dynamic twist of polyester – creating an ensemble that’s not just about wearing but experiencing.

Rocking a fashion fit that hugs just right, this hoodie elevates every casual look, making every outing an entrance. Dive your hands into that spacious kangaroo pocket, or pull up the two-piece set hood with its sleek drawstrings, and you’re instantly cocooned in warmth and style.

From urban explorations to chill sessions on your couch, the Badge Hoodie isn’t just about clothing. It’s a vibe, an attitude, a statement. So, whether you’re strutting your stuff or in full relaxation mode, let the world know: with Badge, you’re always in your element. 🌠πŸ§₯🀘


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